Hotel Casa Portuguesa: Contracting Conditions


PORTUGUESA SL , in compliance with the provisions of Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, available to the user in this paper the following General Terms and Conditions. The user agrees to complete the forms offered PORTUGUESA SL to make booking with the personal information and other information that is requested and that are considered essential for the provision of the service. The contract may be enforced in Spanish or English. The user can verify the data in the summary screen of the reservation that appear just before connecting to the payment gateway. The user will always have access in any case, prior to the start of service procurement procedure, to the General Conditions of Contract, can be stored and / or reproduced on a durable medium. PORTUGUESA SL ensured by the provisions of General Conditions of Contract, full compliance with the rules concerning Consumers and Users application protecting their legitimate interests from the beginning to the end of the recruitment process and product services provided through the website as well as the fulfillment of the Law 7/1998 of April 13 Terms of copper, Royal Decree 1906/1999 of December 17, 1999 for regulating the Telephone and Electronic Contracting with general conditions and the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data.


On one hand, PORTUGUESA SL, operator of accommodation establishment, established in Lieu of Coirón, 13 Dena Sanxenxo Pontevedra – 36967 – Spain and CIF B36198950, and is the owner of this website. And for another, the user, whose data are provided directly by the by incorporating their data to the various forms which PORTUGUESA SL makes available to access any of the services offered through the above website.


The accommodation booking service that offers PORTUGUESA SL on its website aims of Reservation. The recruitment procedure consists of the following phases:

  • Phase 1 “Selection stay period” : In this phase the user does not require registration, you can simply enter in the web form their preferences for dates, number of rooms and number of people that will make up the reserve.
  • Phase 2 “Check availability”. Upon validating the data entered and according to these values, the next step will show the user the availability of the hotel establishment. PORTUGUESA SL manages various establishments, so in case you can not guarantee availability at your chosen establishment, you may propose another alternative setting.
  • Phase 3 “Introduction of personal data.” In this step the user must enter their contact details on the form created for this purpose. The fields in this form are all mandatory, so you must fill before the booking.
  • Phase 4 “Summary of the reserve.” Validated the previous form, the user will get a summary screen of the reservation. This step aims to verify by the user of the data previously entered in order to ensure that there is no error. In this step the user may go back to correct the errors detected or continue ahead with the booking and connect to the payment gateway hired.
  • Phase 5 “Payment of the reservation.” This point is connected with the payment gateway to secure the reservation.

PORTUGUESA SL does not keep data on their systems of your credit card, as these are provided by the user to the payment gateway-for-safe means to effect the payment of the reservation. Following payment of the reservation, the User will receive maximum within 24 hours, an email, to the address provided by you during registration, with the booking reference and a summary of it. It is important to check your email inbox for the term. If you find that you have not received the confirmation email, please check the messages marked as SPAM and SPAM folders if the mail had been stored in them automatically. In this email appears Locator your booking and is required to make any modification or claim the same These terms regulate the legal relationship arising from the agreement process by users through the website PORTUGUESA SL . Users expressly agree to fully and without reservasa present conditions, in the version published by PORTUGUESA SL at the moment the user engaging the services and / or content in which you are interested. Therefore, the User agrees to read carefully the conditions of employment, when applicable to hiring a service, since by accepting the General Conditions of contract, the User declares:

  1. What is a person with capacity to contract.
  2. That you have read and accept the general conditions of contract.


PORTUGUESA SL may modify these provisions provided that there are sufficient grounds for it, publishing such changes on the website. It is understood that there are sufficient grounds for modification, by way of example and not limitation, when it intends to:

  1. Extending the range or number of services available to users or improve existing ones.
  2. Modify, replace or update the prices of the services offered through the website.

The period of validity of these conditions, will be the time published on the website and will apply to services purchased from the time these conditions were available. In any case, PORTUGUESA SL reserves the right to modify unilaterally, without this affecting the services contracted by the users prior to the modification, except in those cases in which the user has changed or modified the service hired, in this case resulted from the conditions in force at the time of change and / or modification.


The User agrees and guarantees to use the web site and the services made available on the same pursuant to the provisions and purposes established in the general and special conditions of hotel reservations contract, the provisions of applicable laws, and as regard to morals and good customs. Similarly, the User shall not obtain the content provided on the web by unlawful means, fraud, theft or plagiarism thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code and applicable regulations. PORTUGUESA SL reserves the right to refuse access to the site, without notice, to any User who contravenes the provisions of these general terms and conditions. For its part, the User agrees not to make unlawful use of the contents of the website, or may cause harm to PORTUGUESA SL . Therefore, the User shall Title not limited, to modify, copy, distribute, publish, transfer and / or sell any kind of information concerning this website owned by PORTUGUESA SL .

1. Hyperlinks and secure environment.

PORTUGUESA SL is not responsible for any websites linked to this, so it is not responsible for their content. The risks arising from the consultation of such websites are solely those of the User, who must abide by the terms, conditions and disclaimers thereof, of which also PORTUGUESA SL is not responsible. PORTUGUESA SL , through the website, using technological means to ensure the protection of information. The whole process of hiring the services is done in a safe environment, having a SSL secure server to 256-bit encryption.

2. Intellectual and Industrial Property.

PORTUGUESA SL is the owner of the rights of intellectual property of the elements of the web design as a trade name or brand hallmark. In particular and without limitation are protected by copyright, logos, color schemes, selection and presentation, source code of the website, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, the Java applets, texts, images, graphics, and any other website content owned by PORTUGUESA SL . The User undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights Industrial Platform, for the, the User may not copy, reproduce, distribute, make available or publicly communicating web content without the express written permission of PORTUGUESA SL.

3. Limitation of Liability

The User expressly exonerates SL PORTUGUESA all liability for direct or indirect damages arising from any errors in the web as well as for any interruption, suspension, delay or failure in access to it. PORTUGUESA SL undertakes to take the utmost care to preserve the web from any viruses, Trojan horses and other items that could cause harm or damage the user’s computer system or third parties. In any case, the User exonerates harmless PORTUGUESA SL , by direct or indirect damage caused by the possible existence of such elements harmful or malicious.

4. Protection of Personal Data


1. User Obligations

The User agrees to: Carry out the full compliance with the provisions of these terms of services provided by PORTUGUESA SL. Complete registration forms prior to the start of the procurement process with accurate and current. Pay the price of the contracted services, without filing a complaint or request a waiver of this requirement.

2. User Rights

All information provided to customers will be binding to the bidder on the terms established by law. All contracted service user has the right to the services purchased to the category and legal requirements contracted or that quality is directly proportional to the category of the establishment.


Prices and rates applicable to the procurement by the user of the services, will be those shown in the website belonging to PORTUGUESA SL , at the time in which the user accesses the specific service, and initiates the recruitment process . The full and final calculation of the reserve includes VAT, unless expressly not included. Any other fee or tax affecting its price will be paid additionally at the hotel. Customers are required to meet the rest of the services billed to arrival on site. As a general rule and unless expressly agreed otherwise, the rooms will be from 14:00 pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 am on day of departure. The booking is guaranteed until 20:00 pm the day of arrival so that in the event that the user provides his arrival in hours other than those outlined will be convenient to communicate as early as possible so inform the hotel via telephone at +34 986 743355 or email always indicating the reservation number. The prices quoted are retail prices including VAT. However, in case of error in data entry, computer failure or other circumstances calculated under general conditions, the information shown is subject to changes that will be valid provided that the customer is satisfied prior to departure . The Public Retail Prices published on this website respond to automatic calculation done by our booking engine and include the amount for the payment of Value Added Tax (VAT). Being an automatic, can eventually cause errors in the calculation of rates, that customer will be notified in the email address designated by him, or by calling the number provided for this, as soon as it has knowledge SLSL PORTUGUESA thereof. In that case, the customer must choose between cancel your reservation at no cost to him or hold your reservation by paying the difference between the amount paid and the correct price of the reservation, all prior to departure.


Confirmed bookings may be canceled via email to phone at +34 98674 33 55 or by fax to +34 986 743 242 stating the reservation number provided. In the case of cancellation of booking by the customer, the company shall be entitled to request payment of management fees that are justified, contemplating the following criteria:

  1. Cancellation 30 to 8 days before arrival: The customer will retain 0% of the booking amount.
  2. Cancellation between 2 and 7 days: The customer will retain 50% of the amount of the first night of the reservation.
  3. Cancellation on the same day or 1 day before the date of arrival or no shows the day of entry: The customer will retain 100% of the amount of the first night of the reservation.

When establishing who did not attend the confirmed reservation, give customer choice between:

  1. occupy another property of equal or superior features and category
  2. compensation in an amount equal to twice the payment made, if any.

Returns that come, will be made by bank transfer to the account of the same book holder running costs incurred on his behalf.


The user can modify the reservation during the hiring process online. Following receipt of mail confirmation required to make any changes please get in touch with us via email at phone at +34 98674 33 55 or by fax to +34 986 743 242 indicating always reservation number. All offers are valid only for the period set by PORTUGUESA SL in advertising, or otherwise, during the time that they are accessible to clients for effective contracting.


All notices, requests, demands and other communications to be made by the parties in connection with these Terms shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly made when delivered by hand or sent by mail to ordinary address of the other party or e-mail it, or to any other address or e-mail for this purpose each party may designate to the other.


If any clause in these Conditions declared totally or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity will affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffective, subsisting in all other conditions.


Both sides agree that the law applicable to the operation of this service is Spanish and submitted to the Cambados Court and hierarchical superiors for resolution of disputes arising from the interpretation and application of this agreement.